“Russia 1” showed in the broadcast of “Eurovision” kisses of three male couples. TV channel declined to comment

Producer Iosif Prigogine said that he had “chances to cut out an episode zero” and called it a “glaring story.”

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 broadcast on Russia 1

The TV channel “Russia 1” during the broadcast of the first semi-final of “Eurovision-2019” showed on the air kisses of three male couples. This was noticed by users of social networks.

The press service of the TV channel declined to comment on this situation, and the source of the radio station, Moscow Says, connected with the broadcast, said that the television channel could not make adjustments to the broadcaster’s footage.

Producer Joseph Prigogine, in a conversation with the radio station, said that the TV channel, in his opinion, would not cut these frames, because the broadcaster could revoke the license “and force not to show the final.” Commenting on the kiss itself, Prigogine called his show on the federal channel “a glaring story.”

Chances to cut the episode we have zero. They cannot be blamed for this, we are all hostages. If Russia 1 cuts these cadres, they will be blamed for homophobia and all mortal sins. We already have a difficult relationship with the West.

We have to accept the rules of the game that we are offered in the West. Pay attention, now each film is new – the obligatory participation of two men kissing. We should call them for tolerance, not they us.
Joseph Prigogineproducer

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