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VTsIOM: more than 70% of Russians did not watch the Game of Thrones and do not plan to do it

These studies, dedicated to the release of the final season of the series.

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion published data from a study conducted for the final season of the series Game of Thrones. According to its results, the show is watched by 12% of Russians, while at the same time there are much more spectators among young people than among older people. 18% of respondents started watching the final season and 54% are going to do it.

However, 71% of respondents did not watch and do not plan to watch the show (86% among people aged 60 years and older).

Most viewers said that they liked the “Game of Thrones” (80% of respondents). 57% of respondents said the plot, 25% – an acting game, 18% mentioned high-quality shooting, and about one in ten of the pluses of the series called the disclosure of characters and special effects (11% and 7% respectively).

Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister (12% each), John Snow (11%) and Arya Stark (6%) are on the list of Russian favorite characters. 22% of those surveyed who watched or watched “Game of Thrones” reported that they have no favorite hero.

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