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Telegram X is out. How is it different from a regular Telegram?

The App Store has a new alternative version of Telegram from official developers. Especially for iOS.

It differs from the classical one in several parameters at once.

Hello, Swift!

The first difference between the Telegram X and the standard Telegram is that it is written in the Swift programming language.

The advantages of this language for iPhones:Cocoa and Cocoa Touch supportCompatibility with the main code base of Apple written in Objective-Csimultaneous use of classic Objective-C and modified by Apple

Compared to C, Swift requires much less code. According to Apple, it works faster than counterparts.

Due to the use of this programming language, Telegram developers managed to significantly increase the download speed of the application and its contents.

Energy efficiency

The developers of the messenger noted that this version requires less energy than its progenitor. And it is true.

I have been using instant messengers for 3 hours, equally. Look at the difference in the load between them:

1% vs. 14%, both messengers work synchronously, there is no delay in one. But energy consumption is significantly lower.

There are new themes

In this version of Telegram, 4 themes appeared at once – Day Classic, Day, Night and Night Blue. The first two are distinguished by the message highlighting colors. Day is a copy of iMessage.

Night and Night Blue are distinguished not only by messages, but also by the whole interface. The first is that the messenger becomes black and white, leaving only the images in color.

The second is that the program interface is painted in dark blue tones, the messenger looks more colorful, but at the same time it retains a black background.

These themes will be especially useful for iPhone X owners with OLED displays. Black color requires much less energy.

By the way, the ribbon scrolling animation has also changed. Now it is similar to the one in iMessage.

What is missing Telegram X?

In fact, the main functions of the classic messenger were transferred to this version of the program. True, the new ones have not had time to add. For example, swipe on the message to respond to it.

Also, the developers did not add Face ID identification capabilities to Telegram X. And in the script there is no possibility to open the link inside the application.

This is really not enough now, because the program throws you into Safari.

Conclusion – we must take

As for me, this is the best Telegram implementation on the iPhone. Everything works even faster, the animations are smoother, there is immediate support for the iPhone X, and there is also a dark interface theme. Rather, even two topics to choose from.

It is a pity that Telegram was not so originally. Durov, it was necessary right away!

[ Download Telegram X on the App Store for free ]

Share your impressions of Telegram X in the comments.

PS Proof, why is this the official messenger

In the comments, many users have become incredulous about this version of Telegram. Like, it’s fake.

Here you have a real proof that this is a real application from official developers. You can check yourself.

Step 1 . Open this link . It takes you to the official Telegram client for macOS. It can be viewed both in the Mac App Store and in the standard App Store for iOS.

The link is listed from the official Telegram website for the macOS version.

Step 2 . We look at the name of the developer, as well as the programs released by him. Telegram Messenger LLP – Telegram X.

The fact is that Telegram has 2 accounts in the Apple app store – LLP and LLC. LLP was previously used only for desktop versions and the very first version of the instant messenger for mobile devices, but now it will be for iOS.

The application Telegram X is engaged in a separate team.

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