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“Steve Carell turned gray while reading our news”: Hollywood stars again took pictures with the newspaper Kopeysky Rabochy

The tradition lasts so long that some celebrities from the time of their first photo with the newspaper managed to age noticeably.

Since 2011, the Ural edition of the Kopeisk Worker periodically publishes photographs on which cinema stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie and others keep the newspaper. All this is not a photoshop, but real photographs, and such photo shoots have become a feature of the newspaper.

Glavred Kopeysk Worker told that Hollywood producer Jack Tewsbury sent them pictures. The IMDb website states that he has been a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for 35 years and has been executive producer of the Golden Globe award several times. The link with the newspaper is explained by the fact that Tewsbury is married to Kopeisk-born Margarita Sushkevich.

Journalists regularly send Kopeysk worker’s numbers to the USA, and in return receive new photos with celebrities.

“The most fruitful year in the history”: Hollywood stars continue to be photographed with the newspaper Kopeysky Rabochy 

On May 14, the newspaper published another series of photos, this time dedicated to Victory Day. Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Keira Knightley and other stars supported the Kopeisk Worker’s issue.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Keira Knightley

Taylor Swift

Benicio del toro

Dakota Johnson

Some celebrities withdrew from the newspaper again – and from the pictures with Kopeysky Worker, you can see how they have changed over the years. For example, in the case of Steve Carell (“Office” series), journalists joked that he “turned gray while reading the news of the pen.”

And so has the actor Denzel Washington.

In “Kopeysk Worker” they calculated that they already have 73 photos with Hollywood stars.

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