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How to use two Telegram accounts on one smartphone

On the night of May 10, Telegram X died . This version of the messenger is unique, created for iOS and worked in the Swift programming language from Apple.

Telegram X will no longer be updated, and download it from the App Store search will not work. It’s time to switch to the standard application, alas.

I know that many installed X only for the sake of one chip. Only this way it was possible to set up the work of two Telegram accounts on an iPhone at once.

And so there is good news for you.

Telegram for iOS already supports multiple profiles at once.

The February 29, 2019 update added support for multiple accounts simultaneously to Telegram for iOS. Not everyone noticed it, so I decided to remind.

How many accounts can be added: up to 3 pieces, the numbers should not be the same. Adding requires confirmation by code from SMS / Push-notification.

Remember that adding other people’s numbers is not worth it. Their owners will receive a confirmation code, and then they will see a Push-notification from the messenger with the fact of logging in from another device and your IP address.

How to add second and third Telegram accounts in one application

 Open the Telegram, go to the Settings section .

2. Click on your profile.

3. Select Add account .

Incoming messages will be delivered via push notifications from all added numbers at once. But only the currently selected account will have online status.

How to switch between accounts: just open Settings . If you strongly click on an additional account, a window with the latest chats pops up – you can “peep” and see if something important has arrived there.

In order not to get confused in which account you are chatting, just look at the Settings tab . Now there will be displayed the avatar of the currently active account.

How to disable notifications from additional accounts: open Settings -> Notifications and sounds . Turn off the switch to “Show notifications of all accounts . ” Alerts will only come from the main one that you added when you first installed the application.

Now keep two “carts” on the same iPhone does not make any sense at all. Goodbye, Telegram X. We will miss only the icon.

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