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Bitcoin price reached $ 8,000, Ethereum is trading above $ 210

On the night of Tuesday, May 14, the first cryptocurrency updated the new annual maximum, exceeding the mark of $ 8,000. The last time at these levels bitcoin was traded on July 31, 2018.
So, at 21:30 UTC on Monday, the BTC rose on a whole number of exchanges above $ 8150, and, despite further correction to the $ 7,700 area, by the morning of Tuesday returned to the $ 8,000 area.

A pair of 
BTC / USD on the Bitstamp exchange. 
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In total, over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has grown by almost 13% – a day ago, the first cryptocurrency was in the region of $ 7,000. As of 05:00 UTC on Tuesday, the weighted average rate of bitcoin was $ 7980, capitalization – $ 141.2 billion.

In addition, we note the steady growth of Ethereum and XRP. The second largest capitalization of cryptocurrency has increased by 10.5% per day and is now trading at around $ 210, the XRP token for the same period has grown by more than 20%, reaching $ 0.385.

A number of other leading altcoins also increased by 10 percent or more, including Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Cardano and Monero. The total market capitalization at the moment is $ 238 billion.

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