US Supreme Court allows users to sue Apple because of the monopoly on the App Store

After this decision, the company’s shares fell by 5%.

The US Supreme Court allowed users to file antitrust lawsuits against Apple because of the App Store. This was reported by Reuters.

The court ruled that all iOS users are Apple’s direct clients who can conduct proceedings against the company.

According to the agency, after the statement of the Supreme Court, Apple shares fell 5.3% to $ 186.6 per share. But the Bloomberg publication also associates the decline in the value of shares with the announcement by the Chinese authorities to raise duties on certain US goods from June.

November 26, 2018, iPhone users appealed to the US Supreme Court because Apple only sells apps through the App Store. They stated that the company created an illegal monopoly that creates overpriced prices. Apple argued that users could not sue the company, since it was not Apple who set prices for applications, but developers.

On March 13, Spotify filed a complaint with the European Commission over Apple’s “bad faith” behavior after “unsuccessful attempts to solve problems directly with the company.” The service blamed the corporation for manipulating the App Store to create Apple Music’s competitive advantage.

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