Ukraine refused to participate in Eurovision-2019 after a boycott of the contest by four finalists

Including due to artists’ connections with show business “in the territory of the aggressor state”.

Ukraine will not take part in Eurovision-2019, said the National Public TV and Radio Company. The report said that the cause, among other things, was the connection of musicians “with show business in the territory of the aggressor state.”

The national selection-2019 found and drew public attention to the systemic problem of the music industry in Ukraine: the ties of artists with show business in the territory of the aggressor state, which are still very close in the fifth year of the military conflict. For a part of the society, this fact is acceptable, in the rest it causes outrage and rejection.

from NOTU statement

The message NOTA noted that according to the laws of Ukraine, the musicians have no restrictions on performances in Russia. They noted that there is a “big public issue to resolve this situation.”

In the current situation, following the Law on Public Broadcasting, as well as in conditions of excessive politicization during the national selection, the Public Broadcaster decided to refuse to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

from NOTU statement

The NOTA noted that after the refusal, the winners of the National Selection of Maruv could have sent to Eurovision a musician who did not participate in the national selection, but did not do that, since “they respect the choice of the audience”. NOTU appealed to the artists who took second and third places, but they also refused to go to the competition.

Starting from February 25, four Ukrainian teams refused to participate in Eurovision-2019: Maruv, Freedom-jazz , Kazka and Brunettes Shoot Blondes . Initially, the winner of the national selection of Maruv did not go to international competitions due to the “enslaving” terms of the contract and the scandal over her concerts in Russia.

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