The group that took second place in the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision, refused to participate in the competition after Maruv

Who will go to Israel, is still not known.

Freedom-jazz  Photo channel STB

The group Freedom-jazz, which ranked second in the national Ukrainian selection for Eurovision-2019, said it had refused to represent the country at the competition in Israel.

The musicians did not explain the reason for the refusal, but clarified that they are “at the stage of signing a contract” with a certain European promoter and are negotiating a concert tour. The group did not rule out that it would take part in one of the following selections.

We have just received a call from the National TV and Radio Company (National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine), and we want to announce that we are refusing to participate in Eurovision-2019.Freedom jazz

Freedom-jazz refused Eurovision a day after Ukrainian singer Maruv, who won the selection. She also did not sign a contract with NTU. Initially, the actress presented aclaim because of her tour of Russia. Later NKTU explained that she had not entered into an agreement with Maruv due to a number of other conditions, and the singer called the proposed conditions “bonded”.

The National Television and Radio Company intends to choose a Eurovision participant from the finalists of the selection. In addition to Maruv and Freedom-jazz , Anna Maria , Kazka , Brunettes Shoot Blondes and YUKO also participated .

Freedom jazz

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