Kazka group refused to represent Ukraine at Eurovision-2019. Following Maruv and Freedom-jazz

“But we don’t need a victory at any cost,” the artists said.

Kazka group Photos from Instagram artists page

The Kazka group, which took the third place in the national Ukrainian selection at Eurovision-2019, refused to represent the country at the competition in Israel. The group noted that they are ready to represent Ukraine in 2020, if they choose.

We would like and would have the honor to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. We have invested in this desire a lot of effort, energy, time.

But we do not need a victory at any cost. Our mission is to unite people with our music, and not to sow discord.Kazka groupabout speaking at Eurovision

On February 25, singer Maruv, who won first place in the competition, refused torepresent Ukraine at Eurovision. Refusal, she explained the “enslaving” terms of the contract. She clarified that “the refusal of concerts in Russia was not a matter of principle for us,” although this was demanded by the National Public Television Company of Ukraine (NOTU).

On February 26, the Freedom-jazz group, which took second place, refused toparticipate . On the same day, a member of NOTA, Aleksandra Koltsova, said that Ukraine is considering the option of completely refusing to participate in Eurovision-2019 because of its “politicized character.”

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