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In Snapchat, there is a filter that “changes” the floor. Now in social networks share their “male” and “female” versions

In the coming days, it is worth checking carefully the photos of beautiful people of the opposite sex on Instagram and Tinder.

Ilon Musk in the “female” version of Snapchat

On May 9, in the Snapchat application, new “masks” appeared, imposing effects on the selfies made. One of the filters was the “sex change”: the first version turns a woman’s face into a man’s face, the second – vice versa. “Masks” became extremely popular, and users began to share examples outside the social network.

Celebrities began to show their versions with a different gender. For example, singer Miley Cyrus.

How to “change the floor” using Snapchat:

  • It is necessary to open the camera in the application, to the right of the button “Make a photo” there is a drop-down gallery of masks – the necessary filters are there;
  • Among the “masks” there are two: one with a man’s face, the other with a — woman’s. These are the “sex change” filters;
  • After activating the filter, you need to set the camera so that the face falls into the borders of the “mask”;
  • The resulting photo can be saved or published in Snapchat;
  • The filter works only in the “live” mode, you cannot add a photo from the gallery. But you can switch to the rear camera and, for example, capture a person’s face in the photo.

Male photo filters usually make smoother skin, enlarge eyes and add long hair. A characteristic feature of the “mask” when used by women is bristle.

For the sake of interest, some users have created a “modified gender” profile on Tinder. And they began to receive offers of dating from their gender

New Snapchat filters have quickly become an object for jokes in social networks.

Snapchat filter girls and guys

None: / Guys with the new Snapchat filter

Nobody: / ​​guys on Snapchat

I go to Twitter and see how all my bros post their photos with a “female” filter.

What I learned from the filter that turns people into boys and girls: gender is a social construct, and people still use Snapchat

All with Snapchat right now

Another application “mask” turns the user into a child. It is more used on celebrities.

The cast of the “Office”

The cast of “Friends”

The cast of the “Avengers”

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