Germany is testing the first eHighway on the autobahn

Not far from Frankfurt, the testing of the first in Germany section of an autobahn for electrified trucks powered by an overhead contact network began.

The German Ministry of the Environment hopes that the project will contribute to climate neutral transportation.

The length of the electrified stretch of road south of Frankfurt is 10 kilometers. This technology has already been tested in Sweden and Los Angeles, but on much shorter stretches of road.

670V DC cables are automatically disconnected if accidentally disconnected. Also included is an anti-icing system.

The German Federal Ministry of the Environment has allocated EUR 14.6 million for the construction of structures with contact power grids. Also, the German authorities intend to invest another 15.3 million euros for testing eHighway. About 70 million euros have been allocated for the development of electric trucks, including those supporting the eHighway system.

According to a study by the federal transport ministry, up to 80% of freight traffic in Germany may eventually be electrified.

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