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Everyone is dissatisfied with the final season of the Game of Thrones: viewers, critics and memes talk about it

Ratings decline with each new series, and viewers are looking for hints of failure in an interview with the actors.

Beware: in the material there are spoilers of the final game of thrones season.

On May 13, the fifth episode of “Game of Thrones” was released – the penultimate episode of one of the most popular shows of our time. On the screen: the siege of the Royal Harbor, the death of Cersei and Jaime Lannister, the battle of the Kligan brothers, the dragon burns the city, and Daenerys with every second more and more turns from a liberator into a negative character. Everything leads to the final series, which should put an end to the “Game of Thrones” at least before the spin-offs are released.

But during the episode on HBO and other services in social networks there are more and more comparisons with “Lost”, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Dexter”. This show, the finals of which disappointed the majority of viewers. Something similar during the eighth season speaks about the “Game of Thrones”, not only ordinary fans, but also journalists with celebrities.

Millions of people: “I so want to see the final season of the Game of Thrones, which I have been waiting for two years.” [Showranners of the series] David Beniof and D. B. Weiss: (reference to the festival of Fyre, which was considered the worst in history)

“How I Met Your Mother”: “We had the worst series finale of all.” Scriptwriters “Games of Thrones”:

[Member of the band Blink-182 Mark Hoppus]: “This season of the Game of Thrones is worse than the divorce of my parents”

Wow, “Game of Thrones” and the truth intends to destroy its fanbase last season, just like “How I Met Your Mother”

Perhaps the last season “Lost” was not so bad

This view is not only individual viewers. On Reddit, the average user rating of all the “Game of Thrones” series on IMDb was visualized . Almost all the series of the first seven seasons in the service were rated at least 8.5 out of 10, while in each season there is a series with an almost maximum score.

The results of the eighth season: the first series – 8.2 points, the second series – 8.5 points, the third series – 8.2 points, the fourth series – 6.3 points, the fifth series (not on the chart) – 7.3 points. That is, according to the audience, the last two episodes before the final are the worst in the entire history of the series.

Negative could be associated with an active fan base, dissatisfied with the completion of the stories of their favorite characters. But their opinion in many respects repeats the estimates of critics. Another graph has already shown the average rating of the “Game of Thrones” series from journalists on Rotten Tomatoes. And here, too, a recession.

The third series of the last season received 75% positive ratings, the fourth – only 58% already. Worse in the history of the show is only the episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” from season five, where Ramsey Bolton rapes Sansa Stark in front of Theon Greyjoy. The series received a nomination for an Emmy.

There is no fifth series of the eighth season on the chart.

After four episodes, the editors of Rotten Tomatoes calculated that even if the remaining two episodes receive 100% positive ratings, the season will remain the worst in the opinion of critics. A few days later, the siege of the Royal Harbor received even less – 50%.

The average rating of the season still exceeds 75%, which makes the final of the “Game of Thrones” quite good compared to many competitors. But in comparison with its other seasons, the show loses much.

One of the main “Game of Thrones” communities on Reddit is the r / Freefolk section. For several weeks, there have been ironic pictures, videos and discussions about how the series has “rolled down”. The traditional “teleports” of characters along Westeros and the “main battle of the show” with the King of the night (she was criticized for her illogicality and poor choice of military tactics) also got

One of the main pretensions to the final season is that in it sometimes the storylines are very messy, removing characters and events. The most noticeable is the increased tempo of the narrative, due to which the characters during the series can advance from one end of the continent to the other. And the arch with white walkers, which was developed from the first season, ended with the King’s murder of the night in the middle of the season without any explanation.

Against this background, the meme “The Game of Thrones” appeared in the first seasons – the Game of Thrones in the last seasons. With it, users show how carefully built the plot of the first series is not the most talented people hastily complete.

Often, viewers associate this with the lack of a book base. The first seasons were filmed on the basis of the cycle “The Songs of Ice and Flame” by George Martin. But the books have not yet been written, so at some stage the series surpassed the novels and went its own way. And, according to users of social networks, it did not go to the “Game of Thrones” benefit

The red line is the script of George Martin. 
Blue Line – Script Without George Martin

George Martin / Eighth season / creators of the series

Season Eight Writers / Character Development in Season 1-7

Fans of the series have reached the point where they began to look for hidden clues in an early interview of the actors who played in Game of Thrones. Basically, they used to tell us how wonderful the final of the show was, but viewers noticed “signs and hints”.

For example, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) at first does not answer the question of whether she is satisfied with the completion of the “Game of Thrones”, and then supposedly sarcastically says: “This is the best season.

Such moments had accumulated on a three-minute video, which was sold in social networks. In one of the passages, Keith Harrington (John Snow) describes the end of Game of Thrones in one word: “Disappointing.” Then he recovers from the “epic”, but who will now stop conspiracy theories.

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