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Fire “Superjet” in Sheremetyevo a week later. Investigators have called the mistakes of the pilots, published the crew talks

On May 5, the Aeroflot aircraft made an emergency landing in Moscow, killing 41 people.

The consequences of the emergency landing of Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 at Sheremetyevo Moscow Snapshot of Reuters

Sheremetyevo disaster

On May 5, the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 made an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo, after which the ship caught fire. 41 people died, including the flight attendant, who until recently remained on board the aircraft and helped the passengers. The investigative committee named the three main versions of the disaster – insufficient qualifications of pilots and controllers, technical malfunction and adverse weather conditions.

The Minister of Transport said that there was no reason to suspend the flights of the Superjet. The official said that we need to wait for the outcome of the investigation. Former CEO of Sukhoi, Mikhail Pogosyan, said that the media did not properly cover the situation around the crash of the Superjet. He believes that this causes “fear among people.”

Sukhoi has not made any official announcements yet. Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said that the government commission has no complaints about the “Superjet”. The government believes that statements can be made only after the end of the investigation. A similar point of view is held in the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Chronology of disaster

On May 7, Sheremetyevo published a chronology of the incident. The airport said that 26 rescuers on 6 airfield fire trucks took part in extinguishing the fire. To the place of profit 4 ambulances. The fire was completely extinguished in 18 minutes.

  • 18:02 – Flight SU1492 of Aeroflot Airlines departed along the route “Moscow. Sheremetyevo – Murmansk ”;
  • 18:12 – The commander of the aircraft reported to the dispatcher about the return to the airport of departure due to the failure of radio communications;
  • 18:30 – Landing on the runway. After landing, the liner caught fire;
  • 18:31 – Flight Director announces “Anxiety”. Emergency ramps were launched from the liner, the evacuation of passengers by the crew began;
  • 18:32 – The first fire brigade of the airport (ASC) arrived, fire extinguishing began;
  • 18:33 – The second fire brigade of the airport arrived, rescue and evacuation of passengers and crew members began with ASC. In a minute – the arrival of an additional four calculations ASC;
  • 18:48 – Fire on the sun completely extinguished.

Head of the IC Alexander Bastrykin at the crash site  Photos of the Investigative Committee

Payments to victims

The Minister of Transport said that the families of the victims will be paid in the amount of 9 million rubles each:

  • Aeroflot promised to pay five million rubles to the relatives of the victims, one million passengers who did not need hospitalization, two million each – hospitalized;
  • TASS clarified that according to the law, with the death of a passenger, the insurance payment is 2.025 million rubles, while causing harm – up to two million rubles;
  • The regional authorities promised to pay the families of the victims two million rubles each.

The Ministry of Transport said that the family of the deceased flight attendant would pay five million rubles, and Aeroflot promised to transfer his average monthly salary to his family for 14 years.

The Moscow authorities will pay monthly compensation to children who lost their parents in a plane crash. The press service of the department of labor and social protection of the population clarified that the amount of such payments – 13 thousand rubles.

Moscow authorities also reported that they would allocate 110 thousand rubles for the organization of the funeral of the dead Muscovites. In addition, the government allocated 6 thousand rubles for food and every day of the hotel accommodation for relatives of the victims of the crash and the victims, as well as their accompanying ones.Video 

Video emergency landing “Superjet” 

Negotiations pilots, rescuers and dispatchers

Baza has published talks of the crew of the burned-down Superjet, dispatchers and rescuers. It follows from them that the crew transmitted to the airport information that lightning hit the plane, as well as a Pan-Pan signal – it means that there is a specific threat, but immediate assistance is not required.

The rescuers knew about the emergency landing of the aircraft, after landing, one fire vehicle was sent to the liner. Sheremetyevo said that firefighters arrived at the crash site in a minute, “while the standard allows arrival within three minutes.”

According to them, the rescuers immediately transferred the information about the dead, they found ten corpses inside the liner, and one – outside. The emergency services also immediately reported the exact number of people on board.

The pilot of the “Superjet” leaves the ship through the window in the cockpit. A frame from the video of eyewitnesses.

Pilot errors

The RBC source in the Investigation Committee said that the investigation considered it an error for the pilots who did not turn off the engines immediately after landing and opened a window in the cockpit, which could “increase the air thrust and, accordingly, the burning rate.”

“Kommersant”, citing sources familiar with the results of the meeting under the leadership of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, said that the investigation considers the pilot’s version of the main version of the Superjet fire, which are:

  • We decided to land, not having spent the fuel, taken with the calculation of approximately two-hour flight to Murmansk. Because of this, the ship landed with the maximum mass;
  • Exceeded the speed relative to the surface of the earth by 30 kilometers per hour and allowed the flight along the runway more than a kilometer;
  • They tried to press the nose of the aircraft to the ground, instead of stabilizing it, because of which a second, higher jump occurred;
  • We decided to fly through the thunderhead.

TASS, citing a source familiar with the situation, reported that the commission to investigate the causes of the disaster will study the training of the Superjet pilots for manual control. The interviewee told journalists that one of the reasons for the tragedy is that the crew did not “have not had enough training to carry out the landing in manual mode”.

Fire “Superjet” in Sheremetyevo a week later. Investigators have called the mistakes of the pilots, published the crew talks

Firefighters started to extinguish the “Superjet” A shot from a video of eyewitnesses

Delayed Superjet Departures

From 7 to 8 May, Aeroflot delayed or canceled the flights of 11 Superjet, due to the smell of burning in the cabin, technical malfunctions and a failure in the brake system. On May 9, RIA Novosti reported that Aeroflot canceled 11 more flights, both to domestic and international destinations.

Problems with the evacuation of passengers because of hand luggage

Users of social networks after the tragedy condemned the passengers who left the burning plane with luggage in their hands. Sources from several media outlets reported that the evacuation was prevented by the fact that some were trying to save their own luggage.

TASS, citing a law enforcement source, reported that security officials deny problems with the evacuation of passengers from the burnt “Superjet” because of hand luggage. From the tail section, only those passengers who had gone to the front of the liner managed to escape. The rest of the “chance of salvation almost was not.” Most people did not even have time to unbutton their seat belts and were killed by burning poisoning.

A source at RBC said that the main reason for the death of passengers from the tail section of the steel was “the intensity of the fire and the high temperature of combustion of fuel and fuselage elements with burn-through and flame spread to the passenger compartment”.

Photo of the Investigative Committee

Expert opinions

Honored pilot of Russia Yuri Sytnik said that the tragedy could have happened because the crew of the Superjet did not turn off some of the equipment at the entrance to the thunderstorm.

But in the Sukhoi Superjet 100 over the years of operation, lightning hit 13 times, and nothing happened to the plane. Test pilots specifically flew, searched for thunderclouds, lightning, watched what would happen to the aircraft. And nothing happened.

Yuri SytnikHonored Pilot of Russia

Sytnik even reported that the window openings in the cabin “did not have a noticeable effect on the severity of the consequences of the fire.” The pilot said that the plane was burning due to the fact that after stopping the airliner, the engines were still working and put air into the flame.

The pilot, who landed in 2010 an emergency Tu-154M on semi-abandoned GDP in Komi, Andrei Lamanov said that he could not call landing how the liner went to Sheremetyevo: “it was an uncontrollable strike against the globe”.

Ilya Zotov , chairman of the Russian Association of Passengers, said that ignoring oxygen masks was one of the reasons for the large number of victims. He clarified that a whole range of problems led to this number of the dead.

It can be said that all the systems, ranging from those services that provided fire safety to medical services, plus insufficient actions were taken during the evacuation of the aircraft, did not use oxygen masks, because the passengers were ready to go out, preparing for evacuation.

Ilya ZotovChairman of the All-Russian Passenger Association

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