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Fraud from Russia, who lived in the United States under the guise of a rich heiress, was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison

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A court in New York sentenced 28-year-old Anna Sorokina to 4-12 years in prison on charges of stealing more than 200 thousand dollars. She was found guilty of this charge at the end of April.

The minimum term that Sorokina will stay in prison is 4 years, after which, in case of good behavior, she can apply for parole. If it does not happen, the maximum period is no more than 12 years.

Sorokina lived for several years in New York, where she led a luxurious lifestyle and went to social events, introducing herself as German Anna Delvi and heir to a millionaire. She was exposed when a girl could not pay bills for accommodation at once to several hotels. Then it turned out that with the help of fake accounts she took several loans in different banks for the amount of about 200 thousand dollars, and in October 2017 she was arrested.

Netflix announced its intention to film its history, and the fashion critic of The New York Times reflected on the significance of the clothes she chose in the fight for attention in the courtroom.

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