Photo: Giant hands in the Venetian canal

The author of the sculpture wanted to remind of global warming and its impact on the collapsing city.

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Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn (Lorenzo Quinn) timed with the Venice Biennale the opening of his new sculpture, representing two giant arms rising from the canal and supporting the historic building of the Ca ‘Sagredo hotel.

This job became his visual reminder that people must respond to global warming before it was too late for that. Including he wanted to draw attention to the problems of Venice, which can be destroyed by the effects of warming.

Hands, according to the artist, should symbolize two sides of a person – creative and destructive, and the sculpture is designed to cause both a sense of hope and fear.

I wanted to fashion what is considered the most technically complex part of the human body. There is so much power in the hand – the power of love, hate, creation and destruction.

Lorenzo Quinn, sculptor

Photo Architectural Digest Russia

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