Photo: “Bridge” from giant hands through the Venetian canal

The author of the installation was already doing a similar sculpture – but then the hands supported the building.

AFP Photo / Getty Images

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn (Lorenzo Quinn) built a “bridge” of six pairs of hands meeting over the Venetian canal. His sculpture “Building Bridges”, open to the 58th Venetian Biennale of Contemporary Art, symbolizes the need to overcome differences.

Humanity does not grow by creating barriers. It has always grown, opening its borders and welcoming new cultures. Venice is a testament to this. Venice opened routes to Asia, to the Far East thanks to Marco Polo and merchants. She has always been the driving force of European growth.

Lorenzo Quinn

Worldwide recognition of the sculptor brought his work, called “Support”. She represented two hands, emerging from the water of the canal and as if holding the building. According to the artist, the sculpture was supposed to draw attention to climate change, which threatens, among other things, to flood Venice.

Quinn presented it to the 2017 Biennale, and although it was not part of the official program of the event, it turned out to be so popular that it was not dismantled for another six months after its completion. “Support” will be installed on the island of San Servolo for an indefinite period.

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