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The Vice President of the United States called Venezuela the largest threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere. He urged Maduro to resign

The politician said that during the presidency of Maduro, almost every resident of the country lost more than nine kilograms in weight.

US Vice President Michael Pence Snapshot AP

US Vice President Michael Pence said at the annual international conference of the countries of North and South America that the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is the greatest threat to peace and stability in the Western Hemisphere. The recording of his speech was published by the White House.

Pence stated that Maduro is “a dictator who has no legitimate right to power,” who must resign. The vice president added that the average Venezuelan lost more than nine kilograms in the six years of Maduro’s rule due to poor nutrition.

For Latin America, a new day is coming. Throughout the Western Hemisphere, socialism is dying, and freedom and prosperity, as well as democracy, are being revived before our eyes.

Today, the largest source of destabilization, the single largest violator of peace and prosperity in the Western Hemisphere is the Nicholas Maduro regime in Venezuela.
Michael PenceVice President of the United States

On January 23, Juan Guyado declared himself an acting president during mass rallies against Maduro, who again won elections in early January. Over 70 countries supported the country, including the United States, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and the United Kingdom. Russia, Turkey, China, Cuba and Bolivia remained on the side of Maduro.

On 30 April, Guaydo announced the start of the “final phase” of the operation to overthrow the regime of Nicolas Maduro. Then the opposition leader was supported by some military. He called them “army heroes” who made the right decision. On May 5, the opposition leader admitted failure in an attempt to overthrow President Maduro.

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