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Iran has suspended for 60 days the sale of enriched uranium and heavy water

Thus, the state partially stopped the fulfillment of a number of obligations under a nuclear transaction.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Photo AFP

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced the suspension of the fulfillment of certain obligations under the nuclear deal. His message is published on the official website of the head of state.

Rouhani said that Iran is not withdrawing from the agreement, but the state “waited a year after the United States left it.” The president added that other parties to the treaty did not take steps to compensate for “damage from US sanctions.”

We cease to fulfill the conditions on the two points of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JAP). They relate to a stop for 60 days of sales of our enriched uranium and heavy water.Hassan RouhaniIranian president

The government sent letters to the five countries in the transaction (Russia, UK, China, France and Germany). Iran gave partners 60 days to reach new conditions. Rouhani added that the next step would be to remove restrictions on the level of enrichment of uranium.

On May 8, 2018, Trump announced the US withdrawal from the FACD, and in November, restored US sanctions against Iran. Then the other parties to the agreement agreed to help Iran.

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