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In Russia, a woman was first wanted to be appointed judge of the National Football League. About her widely learned thanks to YouTube

Anastasia Pustovoitova is one of the most reputable arbiters in the world, but she is almost not trusted at home.

In Russia, a woman was first wanted to be appointed judge of the National Football League. About her widely learned thanks to YouTube

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In the Russian Football Union (RFU) they wanted to allow the referee Anastasia Pustovoitova to work at the matches of the Football National League (FNL). If this happens, for the first time in history a woman will judge the matches of the second-ranking men’s Russian championship. About giving her the right to work on the first – the Russian Premier League (RPL), there is almost no talk.

Despite the growing popularity of women’s football, men’s matches remain the most prestigious in the world. But while in the West, women are increasingly allowed to judge matches at the highest level, in Russia they are only attracted to the games of the lowest or youth divisions.

Pustovoitova sued the women’s World Cup 2019 and the final of the Women’s Champions League. There are no such chances in Russia and low salary

38-year-old Anastasia Pustovoitova was born in Czechoslovakia and came to football as a player. In 2000, she won the Russian Championship, and played for the main national team for five years in a row. After retirement, she became the arbiter.

In 2009, Pustovoitova won the FIFA category, thanks to which she works at international matches. The license is assigned only on the recommendation of the football authorities of a particular country. The category needs to be confirmed: FIFA keeps a close eye on the daily workouts and the work of all its arbitrators.

Pustovoitova (to the right of everyone in the bottom row) at the gathering of judges in Doha during the preparation for the 2019 World Cup  Photos from her page in VKontakte

Achievements Pustovoitova allow to consider her as the main Russian arbitrator. She judged the matches of the Women’s World and European Championships, the Junior European Championships and the Universiade tournament. In 2010, the RFU recognized her as the best female judge in Russia.

Pustovoitova is famous at the world level. The last achievement of the referee: she is the first from Russia to sue the final of the women’s Champions League between the French Lion and the Spanish Barcelona. This will be the 60th time when FIFA or UEFA invite the Russian woman to work in other countries. She is also preparing for the women’s World Cup 2019 in France.

In Russia, Pustovotovoy is much worse off. She judges the matches of the women’s championship of Russia and periodically the matches of the Professional Football League (third in the men’s tournament category), as well as the youth championship.

Pustovoitova makes a living with the help of matches outside of Russia. At home, she rather maintains a professional level.

For the youth championship among men or the women’s championship of Russia, Pustovoitova receives 13 thousand rubles. For the game PFL – up to 10 thousand rubles. She does not specify how much she earns abroad, but there she is paid, including the plane, accommodation and food.

“If not to be an international arbiter, I can’t imagine how girls can live. There are 10 thousand. Tomorrow I will buy groceries and fill the car – everything, ”the arbitrator notes.

A woman will not soon be able to judge the matches of the best Russian teams, for example, Zenit, Lokomotiv, Krasnodar, CSKA and Spartak. The head of the Judicial Committee of the RFU, Nikolay Levnikov, believes that Pustovoitova will be appointed to the match RPL no earlier than in 2021 – and then only “as an exception”.

Pustovoitova has become widely known thanks to YouTube. Now she can be a judge in the FNL

Pustovoitova frankly told Yevgeny Savina, the host of the KraSava YouTube channel, about money and her current life . Issue was released on April 17.

Former football player and TV host “Match TV” (he led the program with Yuri Dudim) regularly draws attention to the problems of Russian football. “Sava with one vidos did more for women-referees in Russia than the RFU for the whole existence,” says the commentary, which gained almost 5 thousand likes.

The full edition of “Krasava” about Pustovoitov. The most unusual thing about him is the work of a female arbitrator (from 46 to 57 minutes). Thanks to the microphone, you can hear her talking to her colleagues and football players: hard and with obscenities.

On May 7, less than a month after the blog was released, the head of the Department of Judging and Inspection of the RFU, Alexander Egorov, announced the possible appointment of Pustovoitova for the FNL matches in the 2019-20 season. It starts in July.

Everything that depends on me and the department, we did, and one of the advantages that went to Nastya’s box is that she was attracted to the matches of the FNL. She showed she was progressing.

It’s too early to talk about the RPL, but if everything goes the same way, we’ll put it on the list of arbitrators who work for the FNL. 
Alexander EgorovDepartment of Judging and Inspection RFU

To say that Pustovoitova was attracted to the matches of the FNL is not very correct. In fact, she and her two assistants worked out in one game of this league’s interseason Cup – and this happened for the first time only in the last draw. In the FNL itself, women worked only in secondary roles, for example, as reserve arbitrators.

Pustovoitova called the “great news” and “a big step for herself” the possible appointment to the FNL matches. At the same time, the referee noticed that at the matches with men she would have more difficulty than with women. This assumption was confirmed by the former arbiter of FIFA Natalia Avdonchenko.

We are following the European route, albeit with a delay. I hope, in the future, the girls colleagues will be easier in his career. Physiologically, naturally, men are faster, so I will train even more.

Anastasia Pustovoitovareferee, quote by Sportbox

Arbiter women are hard all over the world. But in the West, they are given more chances

Pustovoitova does not hide the fact that she faces gender discrimination on the field. In an interview with Match TV, she said that she had learned to ignore insults from players, coaches and fans.

In April 2019, a female judge was first appointed to the men’s championship match in France. Even earlier, in September 2017, the female arbiter worked for the first time in the men’s championship in Germany – we are talking about the German Bibian Steinhaus.

Steinhaus has already fallen into several scandals, for example, the player of “Hertha” Peter Niemeyer accidentally touched her chest, and the Bayern coach Pep Guardiola embraced her. Both later apologized for allegedly random movements. The match “Bavaria” with the participation of Germans did not show on Iranian television, because there are banned women in shorts.

The Hertha footballer touches Bibiana Steinhaus chest

Women referees at the highest level there is in many countries. Chrysula Kurobiliya from Greece worked at several matches of the men’s Europa League, Italian Claudia Romani owns the right to serve Serie A matches, Tatiane Sakiloti from Brazil judges the local championship matches.

Women are forced to fight for equality, the realization of their rights in society. This is unfair, but it happened historically. Men are more likely to be preferred, whether it is football or a simple job interview.

Anastasia Pustovoitovaquote on “Match TV”

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