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Due to the lack of pupils, 15 sheep and sheep were enrolled in the primary school of France

The administration of the school received a notice of the reduction in the number of classes, the parents did not like it and they went to the picket.

Snapshot of Serge Pueyo, LP

Because of the shortage of students, 15 sheep and rams were enrolled in the primary school of the French commune of Cretz-en-Belldon (Isere department). This was reported by the newspaper Le Parisien.

The local school received a notice of reducing the number of classes from 11 to 10 because of the shortage of new students, their number decreased from 266 to 261. The parents opposed such a reduction, saying that because of this, the average number of students in classes would increase, which would affect level of education.

Parents came to the picket with the posters “We are not sheep”, “To manage the school is not a flock”, together with this the local shepherd led to the school 65 sheep and rams, 15 of which were officially enrolled in the school. This was confirmed by the mayor of the city, Jean-Louis Marais. The parents said that they could now go to the school principal to “save our class.”

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