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Twitter added the ability to attach a photo, video or gif to retweet

This feature is available only on Android, iOS and the mobile version of the site.

The function of adding media files to retweets Twitter Screenshot

Twitter introduced the possibility of retweets with media files – now users can add images, videos and gifs to them. About this company said in his Twitter.

The function appeared on Android, iOS and the mobile version of the site, on the desktop version it is not yet available. To add a media file to a retweet, you need to click “retweet with a comment” and select a gif or image in the toolbar that appears.

Twitter representatives told The Verge that the development of the function turned out to be difficult: “We realized that it’s difficult for people to immediately understand all the contents of a retweet with a media file. It was connected with the layout – two big tweets turned out to be superimposed on each other. ” To solve the problem, the developers did the original tweet less, and the media file from retweet widescreen.

“The most exciting part of the project was that we worked on a function that many people had requested,” the company noted . Engadget decided that in this way Twitter is trying to prove that it listens to its users.

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