In Chechnya, a taxi was launched only for women. For those who are not allowed to get into the car with a man

Female taxi “Mekhkari” @online_chechnya

In Chechnya, a female taxi “Mekhkari” (translated from Chechen – “Girls”) started work, where only women work as drivers. This was reported by RIA “News” with reference to the head of the service Madina Tsakayeva. She stated that she created a taxi for women, since the norms of Islam do not allow Chechens to travel with foreign men in the same car.

Tsakayeva noted that in the first days after the announcement of the opening of employment she received a lot of calls, including from men who offered to employ their wives. She added that the selection of drivers attracts employees DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force and Navy). There are no age restrictions, the main requirements are driving experience and stress resistance.

Initially, we put five cars on the line, as the demand increases, their number will increase to 20. Operators will not accept bids from men in any way. All drivers in the new taxis, respectively, are women.Madina TsakayevaHead of the Women’s Taxi Service “Mekhkari”

The service already has an application for smartphones. Mekhkari also offers call-to-home beauticians and other specialists. Over time, Tsakayeva plans to expand the business and launch a taxi in the neighboring regions – Dagestan and Ingushetia. The money to create the project was provided by the Arab Investment Fund named after Sheikh Zayed, which supports entrepreneurship and innovation.

According to Islamic norms, a woman is forbidden to be in the same room with a man who is not her husband or relative. Offices, cars, hospitals, restaurants and any public spaces are banned. Therefore, taxis for women are popular in many Muslim countries. In 2007, such a service was launched in the UAE, in 2015 – in Egypt , in 2017 – in Pakistan , in 2018 in Oman and Saudi Arabia .

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