Bloomberg: At WWDC 2019, Apple will introduce iOS with a “dark” theme and macOS with support for iPad applications

The event is not without small but expected announcements.

WWDC 2018 Photos Bloomberg

June 3, Apple will hold the WWDC 2019, which will present new versions of the systems for their smartphones, tablets and smart watches. iOS for the first time will receive a “dark” theme, Apple Watch will become more independent of the iPhone, and in macOS will add support for iPad apps. This was announced by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gourman, citing his own sources.

According to Gourmet, most updates will be minor and minor. Instead of new features, the company decided to focus on areas where third-party applications are more popular than Apple solutions. TJ chose the most important of the journalist’s report.

iOS 13

  • In iOS, the “dark” mode will officially appear. Users can enable it in the control center;
  • The Health application will be reworked: daily activities and new functions will be displayed on the main screen;
  • “Reminders” will receive a new main screen with four standard sections: tasks for today, scheduled tasks, tasks with marks and all tasks. So the application will be able to better compete with counterparts from the App Store;
  • “Maps” will allow you to learn how to work better with frequently visited locations. Users will be able to create groups of favorite places, as well as explore the proposals for navigation and past locations;
  • A separate menu will appear in iMessage to send Animoji and Memoji;
  • “Find iPhone” and “Find Friends” will merge into one application;
  • IPad owners can officially use it as a second Mac screen. Thus, the company will “kill” business applications like Luna and Duet Display;
  • The multitasking interface on the iPad will be simplified, and the home screen will be reworked.

watchOS 6

  • Apple Watch will get access to the App Store, so installing and updating applications will now be possible from the clock without using the application on the iPhone;
  • Standard iOS applications will appear on the clock, including voice notes, Apple Books and Calculator;
  • Apple Watch will also receive new applications: Dose for drug taking reminders and Cycles for tracking your menstrual cycles;
  • Apple will add new widgets, including hearing aid battery power, data on precipitation and external noise, as well as new dials.

macOS 10.15

  • macOS will receive support for applications from the iPad: this is part of Apple’s idea of ​​creating cross-platform programs that will spread to iPhones in 2020. For the mobile application to work on macOS, developers still have to make some changes to it, and also publish the program in a separate store;
  • Apple will release Apple Music as an application separately from iTunes;
  • Standard iPad apps are adapted for macOS: “Podcasts”, “Find My iPhone” and “Find Friends”, “Screen Time”, “Siri Commands” and updated “Reminders” appear on the platform.
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