Israel attacked Hamas headquarters in response to a cyber attack. The media called it the first such case in history.

The reaction of the state to the actions of hackers is unique and probably means the evolution of the principles of warfare.

The building where, according to the Israeli authorities, the headquarters of Hamas was located.Photo by the Israel Defense Forces

On May 5, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced the prevention of a cyber attack by the Palestinian group Hamas with a rocket attack on a building in the Gaza Strip. According to the military, there was located the headquarters of hackers.

By May 6, after three days of exchanging blows, Israel and the Palestinians agreed to an armistice. The parties have already suspended active hostilities, but the situation remains unique. Most likely, this is the first time in history when the military of a country respond to cyber attack with an almost instantaneous use of force.

Little is known about the cyber attack, there are questions to the reaction of Israel

In a statement about the alleged cyber attack, the Israel Defense Forces did not clarify what exactly was the purpose of Hamas and what their operation was. The military only noted that they neutralized the threat of hacking, after which they destroyed the headquarters of the unit. “Hamas has no more opportunities for cyber attacks,” said IDF spokesperson Ronen Manelis told Times of Israel.

According to the Israeli authorities, hamas hackers allegedly tried to accomplish their plan on May 4, planning to “damage the quality of life of Israeli citizens.” According to the military, they do not disclose more detailed information in order not to disclose to the other side information about their technical capabilities.

Video of the Israel Defense Forces with a missile attack on the alleged headquarters of hamas hackers

As writes edition ZDnet, this is the first time an alleged attempt cyber attacks leads to retaliatory use of force directly during the fighting. Something similar happened in 2015, when the United States attacked a member of the “Islamic State” in response to the publication of personal data of the US military on Twitter. However, America did not carry out that operation right away: intelligence was purposefully following the British hacker, Junaid Hussein, and at the right moment struck from the drone.

From the generally accepted principles of warfare and international humanitarian law, it follows that the answer should be directly proportional to the attack, reminded The Verge. ZDNet, an independent cybersecurity consultant Lukas Oleinik, also told ZDNet about the need to assess the level of seriousness of the conflict in advance. Former British intelligence officer Philip Ingram, whose words Forbes cites , noted that operations in cyberspace are not regulated by current regulations.

Since the Hamas cyber attack, according to Israel, has not happened, and there is no clear information about its possible consequences, it is not known whether the reaction of the Defense Army corresponded to threats. The Verge called what happened the “alarming evolution” of the modern war in the light of the growing threats to certain states by hackers.

Israel and Hamas exchanged blows for three days, there are victims

By the beginning of the new week, after three days of rocket attacks, Israel and Palestine reached an armistice agreement. It took effect at 4:30 on May 6.

Israeli authorities have lifted restrictions in a 40-kilometer area around the Gaza Strip. Access to border areas has been reopened, and they are preparing to resume classes in schools and are again allowed to hold mass events.

“The campaign is not over yet, and it requires patience and prudence from us,” saidIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Violations of the agreements between the parties have not yet fixed.

Tear gas at a demonstration of Palestinians Photo AFP, Getty Images

The situation in the region escalated on May 3, after a month of lull. On this day, the Palestinians launched another protest demanding the lifting of the blockade of the Gaza Strip. During the demonstration of two Israeli soldiers wounded sniper. In response to shots from the crowd, the military killed two protesters. Then Israel launched an air strike against Hamas’s positions in the sector – two more people were killed .

Over the weekend, Hamas struck more than 600 attacks on Israeli territory, which claims to have intercepted more than 150 missiles. The army of defense struck more than 200 objects, which it characterized as belonging to the militants.

The exact number of victims is difficult to calculate. According to the calculations ofjournalists, during the last escalation of the conflict, up to 27 Palestinians and four Israelis were killed.

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