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In Poland, a woman was arrested for posters of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo. She was accused of insulting the feelings of believers

She faces up to two years in prison.

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Early on the morning of May 6, Warsaw police arrested 51-year-old Elzbetu Podlasnaya for posters with the Virgin Mary, whose head is crowned with a rainbow halo. It is reported by the newspaper Wyborcza.

According to the publication, the woman is accused of insulting the feelings of believers for distributing posters with the Czestochowa Icon of the Mother of God with a halo in the colors of the rainbow. According to the Polish Criminal Code, for insulting the feelings of believers Podlyasna faces up to two years in prison.

According to the newspaper, the woman did not confess to the crime. According to her, she does not feel guilty. She also did not confirm the fact that posters were distributed, since “she does not want to facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies.” “I will never agree to equate homosexuals to criminals,” she added.

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Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski wrote on his Twitter account that a woman was detained for “profaning the holy image of the Virgin Mary.” According to him, “no stories about freedom and tolerance do not give anyone the right to insult the feelings of believers.”

A Plot police spokesman confirmed that Podlyasnaya was arrested on charges of committing a crime. She was abroad, but after her return, law enforcement agencies entered and searched her home. According to the agency, they found several dozen images of the Virgin Mary with a halo in the colors of the rainbow.

The Czestochowa Icon of the Mother of God is one of the main Catholic and Christian shrines of Poland. She is kept in Jasna Gora in the chapel of the Mother of God under the protection of her fathers in Czestochowa. The icon also depicts the Christ-servant who sits in the arms of the Black Madonna.

According to The Guardian, in April, the leader of the Polish conservative ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS), Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that the LGBT movement threatened “identity, the nation, its continuation and, therefore, the Polish state.” According to him, this is a direct attack on families and children. Kaczynski also clarified that the LGBT community will be correctly considered “imported”.

According to Alfabet buntu, Elzbieta Podlasna works as a psychologist and psychotherapist. She actively participates in protest actions against the government of the PiS, and is also a member of the street opposition to the Warsaw women’s strike.

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