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Venezuelan President Maduro announced the failure of the coup attempt. The leader of the opposition Guaydo called for continued protests

More than 70 people suffered during the riots in Caracas.

Photo: AP 

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced his victory over the attempted coup in the country. He said this during a live broadcast on Twitter.

  • Maduro said that he would not surrender to the “imperialists.” According to him, “agents of the right wing” of the terrorist party “Narodnaya Volya” tried to “overthrow the legitimate government to enslave Venezuela”;
  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Maduro was ready to flee the country, but he was dissuaded by Russia. The Venezuelan foreign minister called it “fake news”;
  • More than 70 people were injured after the protests in Caracas. At least 43 people were hospitalized with injuries from rubber bullets, two with gunshot wounds. Maduro reported that five soldiers were injured;
  • The prosecutor general of Venezuela has appointed three national prosecutors who interrogate all those involved in the riots, Maduro said;
  • Opposition leader Juan Guyado clarified that the protests were not over. He called on all citizens of the country to take to the streets again on May 1.

On April 30, Guyado announced the beginning of the “final phase” of the operation to overthrow the regime of Nicolas Maduro. Then the opposition leader was supported by some military. He called them “army heroes” who made the right decision. According to Guaydo, he is supported by the majority of Venezuelans. During the protests in Caracas, the Venezuelan military drove into a crowd of protesting supporters of Guaydo.

On January 23, Venezuela’s parliamentary leader, opposition member Juan Guaydo, declared himself acting president. This happened during mass rallies against the current leader Nicolas Maduro, who in early January re-won the election. Over 50 countries supported the country, including the United States, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and the United Kingdom. Russia, Turkey, China, Cuba and Bolivia remained on the side of Maduro.

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