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Venezuelan authorities have announced a coup attempt. Opposition Leader Juan Guaido has called for protest and support for the military

Guaydo announced the emergency readiness of the operation to overthrow Maduro.

Soldiers occupy a position on an overpass near the Carlota airbase in Caracas. Photo: Reuters

Venezuela’s Minister of Communications and Information, Jorge Rodriguez, said that the government of Nicolas Maduro was confronted with a “small” attempted coup d’état led by the military. He called them “traitors.” This was reported by Associated Press.

Updated at 5:15 pm: In Venezuela, Internet access was blocked due to a coup attempt. This is reported by the local edition of La Nacion. According to journalists, access to social networks is also blocked.

Earlier, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaydo called for a military uprising during a live broadcast filmed at an airbase in Caracas.

Juan Guaydo (right) with the military near the airbase in Caracas Photo: Reuters

The video shows that soldiers and opposition politician Leopold Lopez, who should be under house arrest, were standing near Guaydo. Guaydo said that the Venezuelan military is willing to help remove President Nicolas Maduro from power.

I am currently meeting with [commanders] of the main units of our armed forces in order to launch the final stage of Operation Freedom [to overthrow Maduro].

Juan Guaydoleader of the Venezuelan opposition

The father of the Venezuelan oppositionist Leopoldo Lopez said that he was expecting a military and popular response after the release of his son in Caracas. Now Lopez Sr. is in the USA. Lopez Jr. said that he was released by the military.

We will see a nationwide appeal for people and the military to put an end to usurpation, and I hope that the government of usurpation will end today.

Leopold Lopez Sr.father of the Venezuelan opposition

According to AP, the interim government of Spain has called for a peaceful transition to democratic presidential elections in Venezuela. Government spokeswoman Isabel Sela said that the Spanish authorities are closely monitoring developments in Caracas, as more than 177,000 Spaniards live in Venezuela.

We do our best to hope that there will be no bloodshed. We support the peaceful democratic process in Venezuela and the immediate holding of the election of a new president.

Isabel Selaaspanish government spokesman

On January 23, Venezuela’s parliamentary leader, opposition member Juan Guaydo, declared himself acting president. This happened during mass rallies against the current leader Nicolas Maduro, who in early January re-won the election. Over 20 states supported the country, including the United States, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and the United Kingdom. Russia, Turkey, China, Cuba and Bolivia remained on the side of Maduro.

On April 2, the General Control of Venezuela banned Guaido to hold public office for 15 years due to irregularities found in his financial statement. On April 3, Venezuelan authorities deprived Guaido of immunity and allowed him to continue criminal proceedings against him.

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