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The first trailer of the film adaptation of the hedgehog Sonic – the character of the game franchise of the 90s

The villain is played by Jim Carrey. Premiere in November.

In 2014, Sony studio announced the filming of the film on the game franchise “Sonic”. Three years later, Paramount Pictures studio received the rights to the project and planned the release date of the picture for 2019. Jim Carrey, James Marsden (“World of the Wild West”) are involved in the cast of Sonic in Cinema (Sonic the Hedgehog), and Ben Schwartz will sound the hedgehog himself (“Parks and Recreation Areas”). The plot details are kept secret.

When Paramount released some promotional materials, fans and users of social networks strongly criticized the appearance of the Sonic hedgehog. They didn’t like the hero’s excessive realism: like human legs, long fingers, and shaggy hands — so many photojabs appeared .

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