Energizer smartphone with a 18,000 mAh battery collected 1% of the required amount in crowdfunding

The creators of the “dumped dumplings” phone wanted to get more than a million dollars, but they failed.

In February 2019, a prototype of the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop smartphone was shown at the MWC 2019 conference . The device was remembered by journalists and users of social networks with a massive case and a battery capacity of 18,000 mAh. After the MWC, Avenir Telecom (owns the license for the Energizer brand) started raising money for the production of a smartphone, but it failed – the concept collected only 1% of the required amount.

The crowdfunding campaign Power Max P18K Pop ended on April 30th. The developers expected to receive from users of Indiegogo 1.2 million dollars (77 million rubles), but collected only 15 thousand dollars (960 thousand rubles). Energizer did not help either fame in social networks or discounts – the project was sponsored by several dozen people.

Initially, Avenir Telecom was planning to start sending out phones in October 2019 at a price of 549 dollars. The Verge publication suggested that the crowdfunding campaign was just a marketing ploy, and in fact no one took the output of a massive device seriously. Whether it will appear now ever on sale is unknown.

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