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PewDiePie officially ceased to be the most popular YouTube channel

Corporations finally defeated independent content creators, and PewDiePie thanked everyone for their support by stopping the #subscribetopewdiepie flash mob .

Earlier, Felix Chelberg (better known as PewDiePie) released a video in which he mockingly congratulated the T-Series channel on first place and, immediately after its release, regained its leadership. However, at the moment, the gap between the number of subscribers has exceeded one million.

Also, he asked to stop using the meme # podpishisnapyudipay , since its use is out of control: first, the hashtag written on the memorial of the Second World War, and then it used suicide in New Zealand. Chelberg was upset that his name was tied to these terrible events. In addition, he sadly reported that this confrontation was used in a political context, including accusing him of racism.

The Meme “Subscribe to Pyudipaya” was originally humorous fun, and he should have stayed with her, but lately he and my name have been associated with various unpleasant events. Because now you need to stop this meme.

Felix ChelbergPewDiePie

Felix thanked his community, rejoicing at the huge fan base of loyal subscribers, and said that he was very proud of his community and all that they did for him .

Meme, hashtag, and many other fan activities have been used to attract new subscribers to PewDiePie in the “confrontation” of the two most popular YouTube channels since October 2018 For more than half a year, two channels replaced the leadership on the platform, but now this story is over.

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