How to connect and configure eSIM from Tele2 on iPhone

The connection was not without problems

Since the service was launched newly, employees still do not know how to connect it quickly.

What to issue a virtual “SIM”, you need to come to the salon with a passport. And already in this moment the first problem arose.

To connect eSIM, you need to scan the QR code, which is set by the Tele2 program. For 15 minutes the seller could not set up my tariff at all , but then the program missed everything.

In general, it is curious that far from all employees know about this technology. In technical support, only the senior specialist was able to tell me the address, other operators did not know what was going on and seemed to hear the word “eSIM” for the first time.

For this, Tele2 is a fat minus . How can you let technical support not know what it is?

Well, okay, now is not about that.Important : you can connect eSIM from Tele2 with any tariff, but not lower than “My online” for 400 rubles per month. It includes 15 GB of traffic and 500 minutes of calls.

At registration, you are prepared a physical “SIM” to circumvent the ban on SIM cloning. In fact, the card itself is not given to you, but simply disconnected and configured it as an eSIM.

How to set up eSIM on iPhone

The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.

1 . Open Settings -> Cellular Communications -> Add Cellular Tariff .

2 . We scan the issued QR code.

This card then remains with you if you suddenly need to re-configure eSIM

3 . Choose what will be the new number – the main or additional. It depends on which phone you will call and use the Internet.

Actually, this setting is completed. Then you can use the virtual “SIM”, as usual.

There is also a small note here. Tele2’s eSIM is not certified to work with an iPhone, which the device will immediately alert you about:

This can adversely affect the quality of communication and battery life. But eSIM itself will work.

Personal impressions

Checked in practice. The quality of work technology is not inferior to the usual SIM.

The connection is clear, without wheezing and sticking. Internet is fast. Exactly the same as working with the physical “sim card”. Here is the result of speed measurement in Speedtest (checked directly on Butcher):

Do not forget when choosing a call from which number you are calling. The default is the main one that you had before connecting.

To find out which number you were given, enter the USSD command * 201 # in the Phoneapplication . Or just call a friend and ask what his highlighted.

Switching between numbers occurs quickly in the Settings -> Cellular Communication menu . To change the operator for Internet traffic at the very top, select Cellular Data and the desired “SIM”.

In the Cellular tariffs section, you can switch on and off one or another used phone.

And yes. On the Apple Watch, this “SIM” does not work .

PS eSIM cards are no more. According to rumors, there were only 15 of them all over Moscow. Like it or not, right now you can no longer get a card.

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