Modders began to use artificial intelligence to improve graphics in games.

What used to take dozens of people in the past can now be done by one person in a couple of weeks.

In November 2018, a “boom” of using artificial intelligence took place on the scene of game modifications . Modders started using neural networks to restore outdated classics such as Doom or older versions of GTA.

To improve graphics , the AI-upscaling technique is used : the algorithm increases the resolution of textures based on what it has already seen. One part of the neural network is trying to reconstruct the transition from low quality to high, and the other compares this with the input data to see if there is a difference. Thus, the system is constantly “learning.”

The process is not yet automatic, moreover, the algorithms do not work with all games, but even in this state they allow to speed up the update of the game. Modders used upscaling before, but they had to do everything manually. One project could take several years and required the participation of dozens of people.

It is almost like magic. It looks like I’m just downloading a high-resolution texture package from the Bethesda site.Daniel Troliermodder who updated The Elder Scrolls III:

Morrowind graphics

Participants of the game modification scene communicate and cooperate in a separate subreddit . There they exchange experience in using algorithms and lifehacks.

Recently, with the help of AI, modders updated the graphics in Doom, Half-Life 2, Metroid Prime 2, Final Fantasy VII, GTA: Vice City and Mass Effect 2. To get improvements, just install a modification of the corresponding game.

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