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The first two releases of the Zuckerberg podcast appeared in Spotify

In them, he discussed the relationship of technology and the law, as well as the impact of social networks on journalism.

On April 23 and 24, the first two episodes of the Facebook podcast titled “Technologies and Society with Mark Zuckerberg,” appeared on Spotify , which The Verge paid attention to . The podcast became one of the promises that the head of the company made for the New Year against the background of numerous scandals around Facebook.

In the first issue of the podcast, Zuckerberg spoke with Harvard Law Professor Jonatan Zittrain. They discussed the connection between technology and the law, as well as ways to reconcile companies like Facebook.

In a April 24 issue, Zuckerberg spoke with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Dauffner about the impact of social media on journalism.

It is not yet known how often new podcasts will be released and on which platforms. The first two issues are available only on Spotify. Journalists checked their presence in SoundCloud and podcasts in iTunes, but found nothing.

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