Samsung has withdrawn the Galaxy Fold review models with a flexible screen. Delivery to the first buyers was postponed to June 13

Probably, the company will make changes in the design of smartphones.

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Samsung began recalling all the Galaxy Fold smartphones that were sent to journalists and bloggers for review. Thus, the company wants to prevent the emergence of new messages about screen breaks. This was reported by Reuters, citing its own sources and confirmed by the interlocutor

According to a source who received the Galaxy Fold, all bloggers were asked to return Samsung devices. Shortly before the recall of smartphones, browser Michael Fisher spoke about another problem with the Galaxy Fold: a bulge appeared on the screen of his smartphone.

On April 24, the AT & T operator also informed customers who had ordered the Galaxy Fold that the device would be delivered on June 13 instead of April 24. If the date is confirmed, the device will go on sale almost two months later than planned.

As noted in The Verge, it is not yet clear how accurate this date is. The Samsung edition explained that they did not report updates on the release dates for Galaxy Fold. AT & T declined to comment.

“If someone is interested when Galaxy Fold is released, here’s an email I received.”

Journalists believe that June 13 may be a random date. In The Verge suggested that AT & T just need to fix a certain date in the system, so that pre-orders are not overdue, and the operator’s employees chose time with a margin in order to have a precise time.

On April 15, several journalists and bloggers talked about problems with the Galaxy Fold screens. For some, the displays stopped working after removing the protective film, while for others, they did not work by themselves. The Verge editor, Dieter Bon, said that before the appearance of problems, he noticed a bulge under the screen, and blogger Michael Fisher complained about this later.

On April 22, Samsung officially postponed for an indefinite start the sales of the Galaxy Fold, which was originally scheduled for April 26. The company did not explain the specific reason, but noted that the device “needs further improvements.”

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