iFixit: a probable cause of Galaxy Fold breakdowns was poor hinge protection against garbage

Foreign objects can easily get into the gap between the display and the mechanism.

Galaxy Fold unassembled Photo iFixit

IFixit disassembled a smartphone with a flexible Galaxy Fold display to examine its suitability for repair. The site experts came to the conclusion that the reason for the device breakdowns in the observers was the lack of protection from debris in the hinge mechanism.

Experts believe that Samsung has spent a lot of effort to make the mechanism reliable, but it has not provided that foreign objects will fall into the gap between the screen and the hinge. In iFixit noted that the garbage can easily penetrate the hole when the smartphone is complicated, and when unfolding cause irreparable damage to the fragile OLED-display.

Although [trash] can fall back, everything that remains between the display and the hard back panel can be fatal for a smartphone in the unfolded state.
iFixit specialists

The findings of iFixit correspond to the complaints of some journalists and bloggers. For example, Dieter Bon from The Verge, blogger Michael Fisher and author of the site Blick noticed bulge screens on the front of smartphones out of order.

In iFixit put Galaxy Fold 2 out of 10 on the repair suitability scale. Experts noted that the folding mechanism over time will require replacement, and the lack of protection of the display and its fragility will lead to the need for costly repairs soon after purchase. According to experts, replacing the battery is unnecessarily difficult – repairs can damage the display supports.

The problems with the Galaxy Fold April 15 informed observers, the first to get a smartphone. Some of them removed the protective film of the screen, not knowing that this could not be done, while others had a bulge on the screen first.

April 22, Samsung postponed the start of sales of Galaxy Fold from April 26 to an indefinite time. The company said that the smartphone needs improvement, and two days later it demanded that reviewers from around the world return the device. Most likely in this way the company decided to prevent the appearance of new problems in the press.

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