Tesla introduced a full autopilot and service robot TAXI

Self-management will start working “without hands” in 2019, and drivers will be able to rent out their Tesla.

Elon Musk presented a full-fledged autopilot Tesla, as well as service robo taxi. The head of the company announced that she would receive permits for fully self-driving cars in 2020. Musk told about this at the Tesla Autonomy Day event, which was broadcast live on YouTube.


Tesla’s autopilot will work with the new Full Self-Driving (FSD) Hardware 3 software and hardware module. Its processors are optimized to work with neural networks, and all systems, including video cameras and power, are duplicated.

The introduction of the new module will allow Tesla cars to move from point “A” to point “B” on the highway and city streets, as well as recognize the markings, traffic lights, signs, people, animals, accidents, garbage and other objects. At the time of publication of the notes, electric vehicles of the company can only drive automatically on the highway.

FSD Hardware 3 runs on a Tesla chip of its own design, which is installed in all electric vehicles of the company, released since April 2019. Samsung is responsible for the production of processors, they are made in Texas.

Neurochip Tesla Characteristics Tesla Autonomy Day Screenshot

According to Musk, any part of the new module may refuse, but the electric car will continue to go thanks to full duplication. The head of Tesla explained that the probability of a complete system failure is lower than a heart attack at the driver.

The system works on the basis of data on 70 billion kilometers of track collected by all Tesla cars. According to Musk, this allows for cases that are not available for manual simulation.

Tesla electric cars will be able to predict cropping, for example. Autopilot will “notice” that a nearby vehicle is approaching the strip divider without turning on the direction indicator and will select the appropriate trajectory.

Tesla will not use sophisticated lidar laser sensors like other companies do. The company will continue to rely on 8 cameras located around the perimeter of electric vehicles, radar and ultrasonic sensors. According to Musk, lidars are an unnecessary technology for autonomous machines.

Everyone who puts on a lidar is doomed. These sensors are not needed, as a very expensive appendicitis. See for yourself.Elon MuskTesla head

As planned by Tesla, the use of built-in sensors will make the technology available to the masses and retrofit vehicles after 2016 without a full autopilot. Thus, the statements of Musk and Tesla from 2016 that all electric vehicles of the company are equipped with “equipment for complete self-government” turned out to be false.

The company promised free replacement of equipment for owners of old cars. On new electric vehicles, the installation of a full autopilot will be optional and will cost 5 thousand dollars.

Reidsharing and robo taxi

At Tesla Autonomy Day also presented the Tesla Network service. It will allow owners of electric cars to rent them out to other drivers in unused time.

By 2020, Tesla will be able to work in robotic mode. Tesla will take a commission of 10% of the money earned by the machines. According to expert estimates, drivers will be able to receive up to $ 500 a month. Owners will be able to decide when to share a car and limit customers to friends or family members.

In addition, the company will be able to use leased cars for its own robo taxi fleet, after removing the pedals and steering wheel from them.

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