The video showed an explosion of the Crew Dragon capsule. Roscosmos is ready to help.

On the eve of the reported failures during testing of the spacecraft’s Crew Dragon engine. Later came a video from the scene, which recorded an explosion. It occurred during engine tests. Then eyewitnesses could observe an unusual kind of smoke, which appeared, as is now clear, after the explosion and the destruction of the capsule.

In SpaceX, they are not too ready to comment on what happened, in response to requests for videos there they offer to get acquainted with the official statement published earlier. In it, we recall, it is said about the smooth start of tests and the “anomaly” at the final stage.

Specialists from SpaceX and NASA are investigating the causes of the failure, Roscosmos offers its assistance.

“Elon Musk has enough technical tools and strength to make work on the bugs. In the case of seeking technical advice to “Roskosmos” company is ready to render all-round assistance “, – said ” RIA Novosti “head of the press service of” Roscosmos “Vladimir Volodya

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