The network was the second series of the 8 season of the Game of Thrones. It was mistakenly shown by the German Amazon Prime

Online episode published in the original and low quality.

On April 21, the second episode of the last season of “Game of Thrones” appeared on Reddit – in low quality and with an original audio track. A few hours after the first publication, it was posted on several Russian-language sites with pirated video content and in Telegram channels.

TJ verification showed that this is indeed the second episode of the series, but at a resolution of 864 by 540. As noted by The Insider, Amazon Prime sent a notification about the new episode to users who have already watched the first series.

Some fans of the series, including in Russia, managed to watch the episode and began to publish spoilers, including shots from the show. Others are outraged by what happened.

What the heck! The second episode of the eighth season of the Game of Thrones leaked. Why can’t they control leaks?

Trying to keep from watching the merged second series of “Game of thrones”

The first episode of the season also appeared online before the official premiere – it was posted on the DirecTV streaming service four hours before the scheduled time. Earlier, key spoilers for the whole season leaked to the network.

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