Spoilers: a summary of the second series of the Game of Thrones and its discussion

Inside you will find several key stories in the form of gifs. Beware of spoilers

Last sentinel, on the wall. 

Key stories in the form of gifs

After 8 seasons, we will finally see the girl’s naked body, which we have been experiencing from the very beginning. Boobs will not see, if that.

Arya and Gendry finally 

Sansa and Deineris first became best friends, and after 30 seconds they again hated each other. The queen wanted to make friends, and the redhead decided to ask a question, “What will happen to the North when you enter the throne? Do you beat us up, huh?”

I love your brother, let’s be friends?

And no, you go, bitch

Tormund decided to freeze Brienne, and then he learned that Jaime is generally more beautiful, and she does not like redheads. He decided to tell stories behind the wall. Cool scene with the way he drinks and moves as the male is applied with a pelvis.

Well, of course, the queen found her nephew. We certainly don’t recognize the normal reaction in this series, it’s just that she looked like “cool story bro. And you’re the best witnesses – sibling and best friend)))))”

– Let’s think up a funny description for the gif? – Not

And they came frozen boys. We expect the battle to 3 series.

Finally catch this crow

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