Samsung has confirmed problems with the flexible display of the Galaxy Fold smartphone and postponed the start of sales

The company has promised to strengthen the protection of the screen.

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Samsung has announced that it will postpone the start of sales of the smartphone with a flexible Galaxy Fold display due to display problems. The company promised to announce the date of the device’s next release in the “coming weeks”. This was reported by The Verge, citing a statement by Samsung.

Although many reviewers told us about the potential they see [in the Galaxy Fold], some also showed that the device needs further improvements for better use.

The initial results of testing known problems have shown that they can be caused by impacts on the upper and lower parts of the hinge. In one of the cases, the substances found inside the device affected the operation of the display.

Samsung representatives

Samsung promised to “take measures to enhance the screen protection,” but did not specify what exactly they would change in the devices. As noted in The Verge, we can talk about improving the design of the device, but in this case, its release will be postponed for at least several months.

Samsung representatives also explained that the company will change the recommendations on the use and care of the display, so that customers “can use the Fold as widely as possible.” Prior to this, the company has already promised to warn customers separately not to tear off the protective film from the screen.

WSJ: Samsung postponed the release of the Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen after journalists’ complaints about smartphone failures

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold on February 20 at the Unpacked event. The smartphone has become the company’s first commercial device with a flexible display. He received an external screen of 4.6 inches and an internal folding of 7.3 inches.

On April 15, Samsung sent out to the first Galaxy Fold columnists a week and a half before the start of sales. Journalists and bloggers were generally satisfied with the device, some compared it with the first iPhone in importance for the mobile market.

On April 17, three journalists and a blogger reported problems with the Galaxy Fold screens. With all browsers, the device broke down a few days after receipt. In at least two cases, the journalists tore off the protective film from the screen, which could not be torn off, and in some cases the screen of the device stopped working normally by itself.

On April 22, WSJ, citing its own sources, reported on the launch of Galaxy Fold sales due to problems with displays. Interlocutors of the publication claim that the device was postponed “for several weeks.”

In Russia, the start of sales of Galaxy Fold is scheduled for May 2019. The exact price of the device in Samsung has not yet been announced.

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