reviews: Galaxy Fold – the first Samsung smartphone with a flexible display

Bloggers and journalists, including Russian ones, are not very happy with the bend and operation of the system, but they praise the mechanism for folding the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold in the unfolded state on the background of the folded Fold Photo by Sam Razfordford for Gizmodo 

February 20, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold – its first device with a flexible display. It received two screens: external by 4.6 inches and internal by 7.3, and six cameras located outside, inside and on the sides of the case.

Unlike concepts from other manufacturers, the company announced that it will release a smartphone for sale on April 26 at a price of 2 thousand dollars (about 128 thousand rubles). Later it became known that we are talking about a limited series, which opened the “double” pre-orders: to get a chance to buy a device, you need to reserve a place in the queue.

Journalists and bloggers were not allowed to immediately test and examine the device close after the presentation in February. Instead, Samsung limited the promotional materials and sample samples behind the glass, and also revealed the characteristics.

On April 15, major publications and bloggers told about the first impressions of the device: in Russia, several people received a smartphone, including Wylsacom and Pavel Kushelev from The company sent the device about 10 days before it went on sale, so there has not yet been a full review. TJ collected the most interesting fragments of the first opinions about the Galaxy Fold.

Pavel Kushelev

The technical journalist and presenter of the program on Russia 24, Pavel Kushelev, specifically for , spoke about the first impressions of the smartphone. According to him, Fold weighs heavily and feels very narrow compared to modern phones. The Samsung device was reminded to the journalist by “expensive phones of the mid-two thousand”.

As if this feeling confirms and the screen of a “rolled-up type” is very small by modern standards. But elementary things can be done on it, but with one hand – due to the narrowness of the folded form factor – so also convenient. But in fact it is, of course, a folding tablet, and not an unfolding phone.

Pavel Kushelev technical journalist and presenter “”

Kushelev noted that the phone does not feel uncomfortable and is most useful in working with content. According to him, having opened Instagram for the first time on the big screen, I don’t want to go back to regular phones.

And this is despite the fact that Instagram there seems to be native (not enlarged, as in the iPad), but not optimized. Well, that is, some pictures do not fit into the screen, storiz – slaughtered in height. The benefits of working with content: consumption of photos and videos, processing, reading – everything is much better. Surprisingly, it turned out to be convenient to photograph in open form on the main camera – this is in the “work with content” piggy bank.

Pavel Kushelev

The journalist said that the device is not flimsy and it folds up with a “click”, resembling a Zippo lighter. At the same time, an open smartphone feels comfortable in the hand, although at first it does not seem that way.

According to Kushelev, Fold is a regular movement towards more personal and compact devices. He believes that before the appearance of glasses projecting the interface into the brain, the folding screens are “the most it”. The journalist said that he would not put Fold in a box, at least in the near future, because he had not felt such a “childish delight” for a new device for a long time.

Fold is not perfect: there is a bend strip, and the gap can be looked into the pipe, and the battery is not spent as I expect from the flagships of the android. But so far, it seems to me, I have not tried all the scenarios yet, I did not understand everything about the fold, I jump. And yes, with it you understand how, after all, applications of this format are poorly made on android.Pavel Kushelev

The verge

The editor of the publication Dieter Bohn (Dieter Bohn) came to the conclusion that the Fold should not be perceived as a smartphone that unfolds. Instead, the device is better to consider a tablet the size of an iPad mini, which can be folded in half and put in a pocket.

If you think of it as a phone, then this is ridiculous. It is super long and much thicker than any phone when closed. When folded, there is a gap, because the screen can not be folded in half. The external screen is tiny. Even considering that it is 4.6 inches, it seems that it feels much smaller, because it is inside such a huge smartphone.

Dieter bon The Verge Editor

The journalist called the closing mechanism “durable.” Bon explained that the smartphone closes with a pleasant click and is fixed by magnets, so it will not be possible to open it with one hand. After the presentation, many wondered about the fold at the fold of the display. According to the editor of The Verge, it is visible at an angle and felt physically, but invisible during use.

Bon surprised how Samsung adapted Android for Fold. For example, the company introduced the App Continuity feature, which allows you to start working with an application on an external screen, and then continue on an internal one. In addition, Samsung has worked on scaling applications and the “side effect” was that you can open up to three programs of different sizes on a large display.

Photo of The Verge 

Along with a demonstration for journalists, Samsung first unveiled the Fold specifications. They were in many ways similar to the maximum version of the flagship S10 Plus: the device received the same processor, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal. In addition, the Fold has a built-in 4.380 mAh battery divided into two cells.

Galaxy Fold in the folded state Photo by The Verge

Bon doubted that such a capacity would be enough to fully use the device during the day, given the size of the main screen. The journalist was also embarrassed that six cameras were embedded in the Fold. In his opinion, it was possible to manage three: two outside and one inside. In general, the editor of The Verge was satisfied: he expected to see a device that is almost not ready for delivery, but got a working smartphone.

Yes, there are some rough spots in software operation, and the flexible screen is not as good as other displays in its price category. There are at least a few reasons to stay away from the Galaxy Fold, especially for the price of 1980 dollars. But you don’t have to turn the nose around the whole idea: Samsung has achieved some success, although there is still a lot of work to be done. Fold is a fully working flexible smartphone. This is incredible.

Dieter bon The Verge Editor


By Gizmodo Sam Rutherford (Sam Rutherford) considers Galaxy Fold to be proof that the trend for flexible smartphones is not just a “fad”. The journalist also spoke about the pleasant sensations from closing the device, similar to the use of old folding beds. And when folded, Fold reminded Razerford a chocolate bar.

Sam Razerford’s photo for Gizmodo

Rutherford also drew attention to the convenience of a smartphone for multitasking. However, in his opinion, the technology is still clearly in its early stages.

Such multitasking is not even natively supported by Android yet, so Samsung had to work with Google and developers so that at least the main applications looked normal on the big screen. But this does not work with some games and less popular applications that work in the 16: 9 aspect ratio.

Sam Rutherford tech journalist Gizmodo

The Gizmodo editor also doubted that the Fold battery is sufficiently capacious for everyday tasks with a screen of this size, but has not yet been able to verify this in practice. Rutherford drew attention to the bend in the center of the screen: according to him, with normal use, it is less annoying than a scratch on the display.

Depending on the situation and the lighting, you may notice it even when watching a video. This is impressive, but Samsung could not circumvent the material limitations and of course for some this imperfection will be a failure.
Sam Rutherford

According to the journalist, due to the high price of the device and the shortcomings of the first version, it will be interesting mainly for geeks who like to keep up with the latest technologies. At the same time, Rutherford was very pleased with the device: the author believes that Fold fit into his life without any problems.

Sam Razerford’s photo for Gizmodo


Engadget Author Charlene Lowe (Cherlynn Low) came to the conclusion that the Fold is not intended for the average consumer, and even for those who are willing to pay more money for advanced features. In her opinion, this device is only proof that the concept of flexible displays works, and Samsung “may still be surprised.” The author believes that Fold will attract only the most dedicated fans.

Photo Engadget

Despite this, Lowe was surprised at how complete and sophisticated the smartphone felt. The journalist also noted that the smartphone is “strong” and it is really pleasant to open and close it. Low’s device didn’t like the external screen: it seemed inconvenient and less sharp than usual.

Because of its small size, the external screen is more difficult to manage. I constantly pressed the wrong buttons when I tried to switch the camera in the app. Based on my experience, it seems to me that this screen is not intended for frequent use.
Charlene LowEngadget editor

Unlike colleagues, Lowe was able to master the opening of the smartphone with one hand. I had to practice for this, but in the end the journalist felt about the same as when using the old folding beds. According to her, there is no practical benefit in this, but this movement is likely to quickly become a habit that helps to distract, for example, like spinner spinning.

Before the first test, Lowe was also disturbed by a fold in the center of the screen. Like colleagues from other publications, after using Fold, she does not consider this a serious problem. The journalist noted that it is more like a bend on a piece of paper: if you unfold it, you can still read the text without any problems, although the fold will be annoying.

During the first test, I found out that the fold does not spoil such things as dark wallpaper or dark decorations in the film. But the crease is noticeable in vivid scenes or photos. But then again, this is not a serious problem, but irritation for perfectionists, especially for such money.
Charlene Low

Lowe also noted the convenience of the device’s virtual keyboard. On the big screen, it is spaced around the edges, so no need to reach in the center of the screen with your fingers and type on a square screen with two hands comfortably.

Virtual Keyboard on Galaxy Fold Photo The Verge

Like editors from other publications, Lowe was skeptical that the Fold battery was powerful enough for such a device. In terms of capacity, it slightly exceeds the Galaxy S10 +, however, this flagship only has one screen, and it is smaller than the main display Fold.

Casey neistat

One of the first bloggers in the United States who were given the Galaxy Fold was Casey Neustat. He was very impressed with the device, although he drew attention to some of his drawbacks: for example, the gap in the fold area when closed.

At the same time, unlike journalists, Neystatu liked the small external screen Fold. In his opinion, it is convenient to use it as a regular phone with one hand: for example, check Twitter and call.

One of the most convenient scenarios for using Fold is a blogger who considers navigation while driving. Neistat noted that drivers usually need as much information about the road as possible, so the big screen makes sense.

As another example, a blogger brought a gym, where he usually watches movies while running. Previously, you had to use an iPad for this, but now Neustat just needs to take Fold with him and unfold it during the session.

In addition, according to the blogger, using Fold is more convenient to take photos. Thanks to the large screen you can get more information and find the best angle.

The blogger also noted that his annoying fold in the center of the device. However, according to Neystat, you can get used to it, just as everyone got used to “bangs” after the iPhone X.

Neistat came to the conclusion that the Galaxy Fold is like the first iPhone, which at one time surprised everyone around. In his opinion, behind flexible screens is the future of the smartphone market.


One of the first Galaxy Fold in Russia was also received by the techno-blogger Valentin Petukhov, better known as Wylsacom. He called the smartphone “the quintessence of modern technology” and praised Samsung for its approach to the development of the device.

This distinguishes today’s Samsung from what it was 10 years ago. For many years they really sawed all this and presented the device not just “look, unfold”, but “look, unfold, why”. This is the question “why” and the answer to it, many companies do not ask and do not answer, because well, “here’s a cool technology for you, then you’d like to suffer with it yourself”.

Valentin Petukhov blogger

According to the blogger, he used to be skeptical of flexible screens and considered them “indulgence”, but now “he understands what the joke is”. Fold reminded Petukhov of the old “Nokii”, who had a keyboard in the unfolded form. According to the blogger, the Samsung smartphone has the same concept, but in 2019 a flexible screen was already placed inside.

Petukhov also noted that Fold is pleasant to fold and fold. The gap in the folded state in his opinion is not so significant as to be considered a problem. The blogger paid special attention to the fold: Petukhov explained that the fold is visible only with the screen off, and it is difficult to notice when using it.

This is a technology that works, which already here and now allows you to have a fantastic screen in your pocket. Moreover, his aspect ratio is high and generally everything is fine.

Valentin Petukhov blogger

One of the scenarios for using Galaxy Fold is to play football and read Twitter simultaneously on one screen.

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