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Report from social networks: Fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris

In France, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral burns. The building has already collapsed spire.

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In the center of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris, the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral was set on fire. The firefighters told the BBC that they had not yet determined the cause of the fire, but the building repair work could have caused the fire – scaffolding was installed around the roof. In 2018, the French Catholic Church requested funds for the “salvation” of the cathedral, which gradually began to collapse.

Updated at 21:00: A spire collapsed in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Updated 21:08: Representatives of Notre Dame reported that the fire spread to the supporting structure of the cathedral. The roof of the cathedral collapsed completely.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that firefighters are trying to “control a terrible fire” and asked everyone to observe the security perimeter. No injuries reported. US President Donald Trump responded to the news about the fire with an offer to use “flying water tanks” as soon as possible. And French President Emmanuel Macron called the sorrow of the burning cathedral “the emotion of an entire nation.”

Notre Dame Cathedral – one of the main attractions of France, built in the 14th century. Users of social networks began to publish photos and videos of the burning of the famous building and the smoke above it.



In social networks they began to recall how they visited the famous cathedral in different years. Also about the incident in Paris began to speak celebrities.

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