Long night and fireplace gatherings: “Game of Thrones” continues to wait, although there is no more time

We briefly retell the events of the second series of the eighth season and share our impressions.

Sansa Stark and Deineris Targaryen Shot from the second series of the eighth season of the Game of Thrones

Every Monday TJ discusses each episode in a separate article. This is not only a brief retelling of the main events (and spoilers), but also the opinion of one of the editors that showed how this affects the entire series and what to expect next.Caution Spoilers are present in the material. If you have not watched the second series, do not scroll below.

The second episode of the last season of the Game of Thrones again failed to avoid leakage – the episode appeared on Reddit in low quality with the original audio track. Many managed to watch it before the premiere on HBO, began to publish spoilers and discuss the episode in social networks.

A brief retelling of the second series: Despite the distrust of Deineris and Sansy, Jaime Lannister is allowed to join the army after Brienne Tart vouches for him. Tyrion loses his position due to his lack of understanding of Cersei’s deception. Jaime apologizes to Bran for having pushed him out of the window in the first season and made him an invalid. Deaneris is trying to win the favor of Sansa, but cannot answer the question of what will happen to the North after the end of the war. Theon Greyjoy meets Sansa.

Edd, Tormund and Berik return to Winterfell and tell about the death of Amber. All begin preparations for the battle with the white walkers and reluctantly agree to use Bran as bait for the King of Night. After a general collection of characters disperse the fortress. John, Sam, and Edd recall the times in the Night Watch. Jaime, Tyrion, Brienne, Podrik, Davos and Tormund are drinking by the fireplace. Jaime gives Brienne the title of knight. Gendry tells Arieh that he is Robert Baratheon’s bastard, after which they have sex. Sam gives the family sword of Valyrian steel to Jorah Mormont. John tells Deaneris about his background. The Army of the Night King is coming to Winterfell.

There are only five episodes left, but the writers continue to rock the old storylines and collect the main characters in Winterfell. They used the old television cliché – the whole series prepared the heroes for the battle, which will only happen in the next episode. At the same time, neither the Royal Harbor nor the Iron Islands were shown – according to Theon, viewers will learn what Yar is doing, and Cersei probably continues to drink wine and grin awry.

If in the previous series the creators of the series increased the pace, in this one they deliberately dropped it, leaving a cliffhenger as a battle with white walkers for the third episode. The characters are not in a hurry – everyone realizes that they will most likely die in the coming battle, so they finish their business, drink wine and look sadly towards the North. Intrigue continues to trudge – Deineris finally saw in John a rival in the race for the Iron Throne, Sanz openly expressed her unwillingness to obey her after the war.

The creators of the series continue to supply fans of fan service. If in the last series, these were “ memennye ” freeze-frames of John with the dragon and peeking Bran with Jaime, now the scriptwriters finally brought Brienna and Tormunda together – phrases of the wild red about Lady Tart back in past seasons were jokes. In addition, the fans finally saw the development of the romantic Arya and Gendry line. They all happened very quickly: in one scene, the characters behave like friends with a subtle hint of sexual desire, and in the next they directly offer to have sex – mostly from despair, because they don’t know if they will survive the coming battle.

Nuts and spun the storylines of other characters – after seven seasons of ridicule, bullying and attempts to prove half of Westeros their abilities, Brienne Tart finally became a real knight. In honor of this event, the episode received the title “Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”. Tormund told his crazy story of origin, and Jorah received the sword of Sam, the Breaker of Hearts, for good reason.

This is probably the way the scriptwriters give a chance to say goodbye to the characters – no doubt, in the next episode of several characters, death and reincarnation into zombies await. And the crypt, in which women and children are going to hide, does not seem to be the safest place, considering how many Stark corpses are buried there. But tired from the endless conversations, viewers will finally see the first action scenes of the last season.

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