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Kirkorov in McDonald’s, the sleeping father and Kanye’s concert: which photos are published in the Random Renaissance section on Reddit

Users share snapshots of everyday situations that in some way refer to the canvases of the Renaissance.

” Fire “

On April 15, a fire broke out in Notre Dame de Paris, one of the symbols of France, built back in the 14th century. In social networks it was noted that the photos of the burning Gothic building somehow reminded them of pictures of the Renaissance. At the same time, Reddit has a whole section for such images – it is called r / AccidentalRenaissance (“Random Renaissance”).

The meaning of the Sabreddit is simple: it collects photos that inadvertently refer to the paintings and frescoes of the Renaissance. This may be a casual cosplay for a particular work of art or a match in detail or style (composition, lighting and use of the “golden section”).

The section moderators have a whole list of photo examples that are not a “random Renaissance.” It includes:

  • Just great photos of your pet or your favorite sports team;
  • Beautiful photo of the crowd at the concert;
  • Photo drunk friend;
  • Photos from a drunken fight;
  • A few more points about the fact that drunk people are better not to shoot.

Despite the conditional ban on sports shots or photos from concerts, some still get into subreddit. For example, a “random Renaissance” refers to a photo when all attention is focused on one person.

Formula One racer Daniel Ricardo 
falls into the pool after winning Monaco

Kanye West at 
the Pablo Tour 

Suddenly, Western stars of music and sports were compiled by Philip Kirkorov, who entered McDonald’s. His photo became one of the most popular pictures of April 2019.

Kirkorov at McDonald’s

Most of the pictures are everyday situations in which people randomly parody certain works of the Renaissance.

Tired guy in the jungle “

Holy Father, the father of the newborn “

Modern Mona Lisa “

Sleeping Jesus “

“Bleeding from the nose”

A favorite source of inspiration for Reddit users is the fresco by Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam, written on the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

creation of a Finn “

Creation of the Internet “

“The Creation of Kotama “

Before the ban on sports photos, users liked to redraw the photos of basketball players who, after a game episode, fell on the audience in the front row.

Also in r / AccidentalRenaissance often publish images where certain objects are highlighted with light. But in the comments they constantly argue whether this can be considered a reference to the works of the Renaissance.

Lecture at the Russian University “

My dog ​​after a tiring day “

Selfies at a concert “

Woman in a red hat “

Good divine boy “

Another genre is simply texture shots that were approved by the moderators.

Russian flutist plays Mozart during brain surgery ”

Razor at“ Volmart ”

Ride home “

cat looks at bread with longing “

Train in India “

Jeanne Wall Street “

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