“Game of Thrones” has nothing to wait

We briefly retell the events of the first series of the 8th season and share our impressions.

John Snow embraces Arya Stark in Winterfell Frame from the first episode of season 8 of the Game of ThronesCaution Spoilers are present in the material. If you have not watched the first series, do not scroll below.

April 15, the premiere of the first series of the 8 season of the Game of Thrones. If the American users were able to watch the premiere four hours earlier, then the Russian audience was faced with the problems of Amediatek, which owns the rights of the service. Despite this, many have already watched the episode and share their opinions in social networks.

Every Monday TJ will discuss each episode in a separate article. This is not only a brief retelling of the main events (and spoilers), but also the opinion of one of the editors that showed how this affects the entire series and what to expect next.

A brief retelling of the first series: the immaculate, Dothraki and dragons, led by Deineris Targaryen and John Snow, arrived in Winterfell. Northerners, led by Sansa Stark, are not very happy that the King of the North is now subordinate to the Targaryen family. Arya and Bran Stark are happy to see their brother. Amberov’s army remained in his house, Glovers refused to submit to the queen. John and Deaneris together flew the dragons. Cersei knows that the King of the Night and the army of the dead have broken through the wall, and she also teamed up with Captain Strickland and Auron Greyjoy. Theon Greyjoy frees his sister, Yara. Together they plan to win the Iron Islands, considering that Deaneris will need a place to retreat. Sam Tarley found out that Deinerys killed his brother and father because they refused to obey.Sam tells John about his background.. Part of the night watch and a group of wild ones survived, they met in the house of Amber. All the corpses are gone, a crucified boy is hanging on the wall – Lord Amber – this is a message from the King of Night. Jaime Lannister arrives in Winterfell and meets Brana Stark.

Almost two years ago, in July 2017, the first episode of the 7th season of the Game of Thrones was released. Fans also did not sleep, but the server “Amediateki” could not resist. , “Game of Thrones” turned into a series that is absolutely not interesting to discuss. And in the seventh season it was like this: the authors closed the story arches, which remained in previous years, brought together characters who had not seen each other since the first episode, and also led the viewer to the final. Or rather, to the final battle of good and evil – people against white walkers.

The first episode of season 8 proves that the writers of Game of Thrones understood two things. First, they no longer have time to build up, because there are only six episodes left. Secondly, there is no point in dragging – almost all the characters met, and the King of Night has already broken through the wall. This first episode compares favorably with previous season starts.

Script writers noticeably increased the pace: for example, the way Greyjoy escaped from a presumptuous uncle was shown in a few shots, and how Sam decided to tell John about his origin in a couple of minutes. The first series resembles a soap opera: the heroes met, discussed old problems, hugged each other, and intrigues began to emerge. The acceleration of plot events does not look like a rush, on the contrary, it enhances the dramatic effect – a real threat is coming, so why delay.

In the “Game of Thrones” there were moments that were deliberately shot so that they were discussed in social networks. The dragon’s look at how John and Deaneris kiss is a ready-made meme.

But it’s not just unleashing old knots. The first episode laid the foundation for where from among the heroes mistrust will appear first, and then real quarrels. Yes, of course, they should have forgotten everything and made up for the sake of a common goal. But do people do that? More likely no than yes. Therefore, Sanz Stark does not hide the fact that he does not trust Deineris, and Sam Tarley is not going to accept the loss of his father and brother so easily. In parallel, Cersei acts, who, of course, fears white walkers, but thinks more about the iron throne.

More in the first series, nothing happens. She lays fear in the viewer for the life of her beloved characters and keeps the intrigue. At the same time, I am glad that they simply do not pull timekeeping and give insight – a big war comes, but the main participants do not believe each other and obviously prepare a lot of surprises.

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