Four Galaxy Fold reviewers with a flexible screen failed after the first days of testing.

Three of them tore off the protective film from the screen, which could not be removed.

Photos from CNBC journalist Steve Kovacs 

The Verge, CNBC, Bloomberg journalists and blogger Marquez Brownlee told about the problems with the screen of the Galaxy Fold smartphone. All observers at the time of breakdowns used a device with a flexible display for no more than two days.

The Verge editor Dieter Bohn (Dieter Bohn) said that artifacts appeared on the screen of his smartphone after a bulge appeared at the fold. According to the journalist, the cause could be the small garbage trapped inside the device.

Steve Kovach from CNBC stopped working half the screen. A similar problem faced Mark Gourmet from Bloomberg.

“The screen on my Galaxy Fold review sample completely failed in two days. It’s hard to know whether it’s massive or not. ”

After the first day of use”

Blogger Marquez Brownlee also complained about the breakdown of the screen . He noted that his display turned black after removing the protective film from the screen. As it turned out, it was removed and Bon with Gourmet. Steve Kovacs was the only observer who had a smartphone broken for no apparent reason.

Protective coating bendable screen Galaxy Fold Photo by Mark Gourmet

It is not yet known whether the damage is due to the removal of the protective layer, but Samsung explained to journalists that it could not be removed. In this case, observers noted that this is not warned in the documentation for the smartphone, and the film itself begins to bubble around the edges and is easily removed.

Before problems with screens, journalists told about the first impressions of the device. Almost all reviewers left either discreet or positive reviews about the Galaxy Fold.

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