SpaceX unsuccessfully tested the engines of the new ship Crew Dragon

Eyewitnesses said they saw clouds of smoke.

Reuters Photos

The company SpaceX announced emergency situation when firing tests engines of the spacecraft Crew Dragon (Dragon-2), inform SpaceNews. The initial series was successful, but the result of the final test was a failure on the test bench, eyewitnesses reported clubs of dark smoke.

Photo of Florida Today

Tests were held at Cape Canaveral in the United States, as a result of the incident no one was hurt. Employees of the company together with NASA began investigating the details of the incident.

In March, Crew Dragon completed a successful mission: he went to the ISS with a dummy on board, successfully docked, and then managed to return to the ground. Among those who congratulated the company with success was Dmitry Rogozin, the General Director of Roskosmos, and Elon Musk thanked the Russian company on his twitter.

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