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Instagram began testing the function of hiding the number of likes on posts

Only the author of the publication will see statistics.

What will the function “Hide likes” @wongmjane

Instagram is testing the ability to hide likes on posts so that no one except the author of the publication can see their number. This was noticed by reverse engineering specialist Jane Wong, who is regularly the first to report new features in the app.

Wong discovered the feature in the Android app code and took screenshots. In the description, Instagram indicated that it wants users to pay attention to the content, and not to the number of likes. A company spokesman told TechCrunch that the social network has not yet officially tested the function, but is thinking about how to reduce pressure on Instagram users.

The Verge noted that such a change will seriously affect the platform’s functionality, as Instagram is now encouraging users to publish content for more likes.

TechCrunch decided that if the “hide likes” feature was introduced, users would begin to pay more attention to the number of subscribers and comments. At the same time, even hidden likes will continue to influence the position of posts in the algorithmic feed, so content creators will still have to fight for the attention of subscribers, the journalist believes.

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