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NYT: Trump’s lawyers have prepared a strategy to refute the findings from the Muller report

The text of the investigation should be published on April 18.

Lawyers for US President Donald Trump have agreed to create a strategy to refute any harmful information from the Muller investigation. It is reported by New York Time, citing sources close to the presidential administration.

According to the publication, the lawyers of the president decided to divide the text of the report of Special Prosecutor Muller among themselves, in order to familiarize themselves with its content and issue a long answer that would refute any potentially harmful information.

According to DW, the US Department of Justice announced that the report of Special Prosecutor Muller will be published on April 18. An edited version of the report will also be sent to the US Congress. According to US Attorney General William Barr, some of the data will be inaccessible to the public. He said that such measures would concern information about the sources of special services, as well as data affecting the privacy of “secondary actors” who have not been charged.

On March 22, the investigation of Russia’s interference in the American elections was completed. US special prosecutor Robert Muller in his report stated that he did not reveal Trump’s conspiracy with Russia. He concluded that the Russian government was trying to influence the American elections through cyber attacks and the “trolley factory”, and Trump and his staff were not involved in any of these interventions.

During the investigation, 34 people were accused, including former head of the campaign headquarters of Trump Paul Manafort, his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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